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Feb 03/06 - got a new gestbook check it out in contacts.

Jan 30/06 - Wow on a bit of a roll here just updated some of the gallery new art in Original and Fan Art.

Jan/29/06- Welcome to Shadow Studio's! finally got around to making a new and simpler layout ^_^ hope every one likes it. right now I’m slowly working on updating the hole page!! WEEE about time right! There's two new things every one can enjoy till I get all the work done. First if you want to see some new art check out me devian art account and second Shadow Studio’s online store is finally done (and theres a few things for valentines up). So with so much going on check in now and then to see what’s new!

Apr/28/05 -finaly had a day off this week =) so I took the time to put up to new layout Candy Queen look. now I'm working on actual updates..wee to be ready at some point ;) soon as I got the time!

01/23/04 - 2 new pics in sketches and roughts .

01/08/04 - Just a little update 1 new pic in original.

01/08/04 - Oekaki section is now up and I found some of my old layouts so made a page for them so all can see the past of this page..


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