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Read Me

Read Me

Images/art: I would appreciate it if you did not use my Images and art without prior written consent.  but if you really want to use them please read the Permission below. 

Cursors/ Wallpaper: All of the cursors/wallpaper in the download section were made by me for you to use on your computers only and not in places like you web page and other places like that.  but if you really want to use them in other places please read the Permission below.

Permission: If you want to use any of my art or other things like my Cursors in public places like the internet e-mail me for permission and tell me:
the Name of file/image you wish to use,
Where do you want to use it,
and the URL if it's for the net.
I don't mind if you like to print my stuff out to hang it up or paste it on your school notebooks and stuff or save them to you hard drive, but please don't take credit for it. thanx ^_~

Copyrights: here are some good pages about copyright law

Questions: if you have any question don't be shy and send them to me.

My pages history: I've had this page for about 5 years. It has gone trough many changes in the first 2 years, manly because I couldn't make up my mind on what I really wanted.  that is until I finally turned my page into an online gallery for my art, around January 4th 2000.  And about a month or so now I've added the Downloads  section with Desktop Wallpaper and cursors.



All art, excluding gifts form others and the link banners of other sites, is copyright © 2000-2006 Liza Otis. Shadow Studio's and it's content is copyright © Liza Otis 1999-2006. Do Not take, trace, copy, manipulate, alter or distribute anything without permission! page designed by Liza All rights reserved